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Root Canal Therapy
Chicago, IL

Diagram of tooth showing tooth rootWhen a tooth has become severely infected, our team at Medhat Dental Excellence often recommends root canal therapy to save the natural tooth. Beneath the outer layers of enamel and dentin, there lies pulp deep within the tooth. This pulp consists of nerves, blood vessels, and other connective tissues that have helped the tooth to grow and nourished the surrounding soft tissues.

The infections that often penetrate deep into the pulp are often as a result of untreated tooth decay, a cracked tooth, or damaged filling. A sufferer will often experience symptoms such as tooth sensitivity, tooth pain, swollen gums, and deep decay. At its worst, it can lead to an abscess and spread to the jaw and other areas of the head and neck.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

The procedure is very similar to fillings, but the excavation of decayed material goes much deeper. After a dental exam and x-rays to confirm the diagnosis and learn the extent of the damage, our endodontist will numb the area and use a dental dam to isolate the tooth to keep it free from saliva. If there is not already an opening, we will then make one in the crown of the tooth to access the inner part. Using special instruments, our endodontist will then clean out the pulp chamber and root canals of all the decayed material.

Once the space is cleaned out, we will then fill it with a bio-compatible rubber-like material called gutta-percha. It will seal off the root canals and help prevent further re-infection. A temporary filling is then placed on top to protect the tooth until a permanent crown can be placed during your next visit.
If there is insufficient tooth to support a crown, we may install a post inside the tooth to keep the crown stable.

Benefits of Root Canals

The most important benefit of root canals is that they allow for the natural tooth to be preserved. In as much as dental science is very advanced and you can have your teeth replaced, it is still difficult to replicate the natural feeling and function of original teeth. The natural look that is restored through the use of crowns is also hard to beat. It would not be easy for anyone to know you have had dental work even if you open your mouth wide to talk or laugh.

Another upside is that the procedure is relatively painless. Because the nerves are so severely damaged, there is not much in the way of transmissions of sensation experienced. Local anesthesia only is usually administered for the comfort of patients who may feel uncomfortable when instruments are being used in their mouths.

It is also a quicker and less expensive procedure than the alternatives. The alternatives for root canal therapy will likely include extraction. With tooth extractions, additional appointments will be needed to allow for healing and creation of appliances like bridges and implants. This means a longer wait, more appointments, and more expenses before you can regain a full smile. With root canal therapy you can return to work in a matter of hours.

If you are in need of oral restoration work to regain full function, then look no further for the best in the business. Get in touch with us, Medhat Dental Excellence at (773) 774-4611 and let us help you get back to great oral health.

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