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Tooth Extraction
Chicago, IL

Rendered image of a tooth extraction from Medhat Dental Excellence in Chicago, ILWe here at Medhat Dental Excellence are more than ready to handle your tooth extraction. An extraction is a procedure our team of experts commonly performs whereby the tooth is removed completely from the jawbone when it has been determined that it has the potential to cause a problem with your oral health. Tooth extraction is considered a last resort, when it becomes impossible to utilize a dental crown, a filling, or perform other treatment procedures that would salvage a badly damaged or broken tooth.

Our team only undertakes the removal of a natural tooth for the direst of reasons. One of the reasons why you may need your tooth removed is when you have crowded teeth, which is a situation that may be caused by having extra teeth in your mouth. The extra teeth may cause blockage to other teeth preventing them from coming out. Impacted teeth can not only cause serious pain, they also often contribute to misalignment of surrounding teeth, and can lead to serious infections.

Severe tooth decay may prompt our dentist to recommend extraction, especially when the damage caused is extensive or reaching the pulp, which contains blood vessels and nerves. This may give rise to infections by way of bacteria spreading. Severe infection may not respond to root canal therapy or antibiotics, leading to extraction as the only option to prevent further spreading of the problem. Tooth extraction may also be necessary when you have a high risk of infection that has compromised your immune system. Such situations include when you have an organ transplant or when you are undergoing chemotherapy.

Preparing for Tooth Extraction

Our professionals will explain the procedure to you when you come for an extraction. We first look into your medical and dental history as it is important to be aware of any allergies, medical conditions, any medicines you are taking, and recent surgery to determine the best course of action. You should also inform our team about any artificial joints like a hip replacement, liver disease, experience with bacterial endocarditis, a congenital heart defect, and man-made or damaged heart valves. Dr. Ramin A. Medhat will then take you through the process of what takes place during the extraction process, including any pain you might experience. This is a good opportunity for you to raise any issues of concern you may have.

The Extraction Procedure

Our team will make sure that you are comfortably settled after which a local anesthetic will be administered into the area surrounding the affected tooth. The injection should take just a few minutes to take hold, during which our team will wait while asking you questions to see if you are feeling the effect of the local anesthetic.

Your tooth socket, where the roots of the tooth sit in your gum, will be made wider as our dentist tries to loosen the tooth gently before removing it. After removing the tooth, it may be necessary to put a stitch on the empty socket sometimes to help with the healing process. Slight pressure is normal when the tooth has been removed, but it should not be painful.
For any questions about extractions or to book an appointment, call us, Medhat Dental Excellence at (773) 774-4611 today.

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