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Dental Bridge Chicago, IL

Smiling face with Dental Bridge Chicago, ILA missing tooth can be visually unappealing and disruptive when chewing. There are solutions to replace a tooth that has been lost or extracted.
span itemprop="description">We can enhance your look while increasing your function with the placement of a dental bridge. Our team at Medhat Dental Excellence and Artistic Smiles Family Dental Care, under the direction of Dr. Medhat, can span itemprop="preparation">evaluate your needs and make recommendations, which may include the placement of a dental bridge.

A dental bridge is a singular prosthetic device that is made of porcelain, metal with porcelain over, or ceramic. This device uses anchors with a false tooth between. This prosthetic can be used to replace one and in some situations two, teeth. The traditional bridge uses two anchors on either side of the missing tooth; these anchors can be two healthy teeth, two dental implants, or a combination of healthy tooth and implant. Dr. Medhat will be able to discuss your options with you to create a strong anchor.

Pros and Cons of a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge can be a very beneficial tool to replace a missing tooth. When a patient loses a tooth, it opens up space for the neighboring teeth to shift. Often patients point out that Orthodontists remove teeth to create space all the time, but of course, the huge difference is the lack of control as teeth shift. When an Orthodontist removes teeth to create space, they do it in a very controlled way, knowing how they want the remaining teeth to shift. When a tooth is lost or extracted, space means that your teeth can shift however they choose, and in some situations, this can cause a severe, painful or expensive problem. Changes to your bite can lead to TMJ dysfunction, which may include the inability to open or close your jaw, pain in your jaw, and even migraines.

Though a dental bridge is a great option for replacing a missing tooth, it does come with some downsides. Namely, the dental bridge requires the reliance on two otherwise healthy teeth; the two teeth will be permanently altered to accommodate the device. Additionally, though the dental bridge provides a missing tooth, it does not replace the root beneath. The bone will not get the stimulation that it requires from the motion of chewing and still suffer from atrophy or sorption.

How is a dental bridge placed?

To place a dental bridge, the patient is required to have at least two dental appointments. During your first appointment, Dr. Medhat will remove any decay and prepare your anchor teeth. To prepare them, the teeth will need to be reduced in size; this is a permanent alteration to your healthy anchor teeth. If we are placing dental implants in serving as anchors, the process will be longer. Once prepared, Dr. Medhat will then take an impression of the area, creating a mold of your dentition that can be sent to a dental lab. The lab will fabricate the bridge. Once we receive the bridge, you will be contacted for the second appointment. Dr. Medhat will clean the area to remove any bacteria and then fit the bridge on. We will be able to make any adjustments during this time to ensure a proper bite. Once well fitted, the bridge is then cemented into place. During your future dental exams, Dr. Medhat will check the status of the bridge and can re-cement when needed.

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