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Your dental health is important, and our patients' safety is our top priority. Please go to our Covid-19 page for updates.
Your dental health is important, and our patients' safety is our top priority. Please go to our Covid-19 page for updates.

Dental Crown (Normal)
Chicago, IL

Rendered image of a tooth with a crown at Medhat Dental Excellence in Chicago, ILRestoring your smile and rebuilding your confidence is now possible all thanks to the services offered at Medhat Dental Excellence. Cosmetic dentistry has never been more popular than it is now, and it is not hard to see why. The technology and innovation to make your teeth look perfect are now available and accessible to literally all patients.

Dental crowns, in particular, have been a popular choice. A dental crown is a tooth restoration procedure mostly used to treat severely damaged teeth. Crowns will completely cover the damaged tooth, creating a new set of teeth. Crowns are not just used to enhance the appearance of your smile. They are also extremely vital in restoring the strength and the dental functionality of teeth. Normal dental crowns are also meant to last for years. Even though they can be removed later, only a professional dentist will be able to do it.

There are many reasons why a dental crown may be a good idea for you. If you have severely decayed or damaged teeth, this could be the procedure that finally solves this. Teeth play an important role in general human physiology. If they are not able to operate at 100% capacity, other aspects of your life and your health may also be affected.

Crowns are also available in a wide variety of options. While you can use metal and gold crowns to restore the function and appearance of your teeth, a lot of patients prefer porcelain and ceramic based crowns. This is because such crowns will easily blend with the natural look of your teeth.

Why Choose Us to Fit Your Crowns

As noted above, crowns are supposed to last for a very long time. In that case, it is important to take care before undergoing any procedure. The last thing you want is to end up with poorly installed crowns on your mouth. Well, one of the key factors that make us one of the most ideal places to get dental crowns is our experience. We have been doing this for years, and you can bet we have fitted crowns in thousands of patients.

We will definitely guarantee a safe and high-quality procedure that delivers long-lasting value for all our patients. In addition to this, it is important to understand all the risks and alternatives before taking on any dental procedure. Our team will be more than happy to offer this information for you during your first dental exam.

Are Dental Crowns For Me?

Well, it depends on many factors. However, in case you have a few severely damage teeth, it could be a possible treatment option if there is enough natural tooth to support the cap. We often refrain from recommending any cosmetic dentistry procedure until there has been a thorough assessment of your case. Even if we consider dental crowns as a possibility in addressing cases of severe tooth decay or damage, we try to see if there are any other better options that can still do the job.

To find out if you are an ideal candidate for crowns, get in touch with our team today. Call us, Medhat Dental Excellence at (773) 774-4611 and let us help you restore your smile to its full functionality.

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